Professional Home Inspection in Burnaby

Due to its proximity to British Columbia’s other urban centres such as Vancouver, New Westminster, and Richmond, Burnaby initially served as a convenient location for bedroom communities to flourish. Today, the once-agricultural area is a fully-developed city in its own right, and is even considered the third largest municipality in BC. One of the city’s biggest appeals is that it boasts one of the highest ratios of park land to residents in North America.

Even in a city known for its generous residential offerings, both home buyers and sellers should tread lightly. Before any real estate transactions are made, both buyers and sellers will want to make sure that the properties in question are in good, serviceable condition. Fortunately, clients in Burnaby can always rely on the home inspections carried out by Firstclass Building Inspections, which can outline any potential defects that could threaten the deal.

Choosing Firstclass Building Inspections

There is no easy way around inspecting a home, yet it is a necessary step to ensure that a home buyer gets exactly what he or she pays for. Home inspections cover the reliability, safety, and durability of a properties’ features, and it is important to hire a professional to perform them. Firstclass Building Inspections’ Steve Beliveau is more than up to the task of examining houses for issues. As the owner and founder of FBI Ltd. and with 22 years of experience in the industry, there is no better person for the job than he.

Mr. Beliveau will scour every part of a home for any problems both glaring and hidden. Whether it is the basements, foundations, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, or roofing, he will methodically inspect and test every major component of a home to ensure it is safe and reliable enough for daily use. If you need a home inspector in Burnaby that covers everything including the kitchen sink, look no further.

FBI Ltd.’s Home Reporting System

Firstclass Building Inspections has a Home Reporting System, wherein the company submits a detailed report to its clients that clearly outlines the issues a particular property is suffering from. The report also includes suggestions on how clients can fix some of the minor damages and faults identified. FBI Ltd. understands that clients will better appreciate a straightforward and helpful report over a vague and unwritten recommendation.

Firstclass Building Inspections is a home inspection service company that serves much of the Lower Mainland area, particularly locations such as Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, and New Westminster. For inquiries about FBI Ltd.’s services, you may contact the company through its online page or call 604 258 8852.