Get a Thorough Coquitlam Home Inspection before Closing that Deal

Get a Thorough Coquitlam Home Inspection before Closing that Deal

Get a Thorough Coquitlam Home Inspection before Closing that Deal

When buying a new home in Coquitlam, people usually get caught up with its exterior and interior appearances more than anything else. While this is not a problem, they must not forget about what lies underneath the home. Just like checking under the hood before buying a car, it’s important to seek thorough Coquitlam home inspection to find any problems that can be fixed before closing the deal.

A typical home inspection will check the condition of the plumbing, heating and cooling system, electrical, walls, floors, ceiling, roof, insulation, windows, doors, foundation and other structural features of the home. This helps the buyer get to know the home that they are buying as well as know of any potential issues that cannot be seen from the outset. A home may look like it’s ready to be moved in, but this can only truly be verified through the inspection.

Buyers should remember to attend the inspection proper and not just leave it to the inspector; this is so that the inspector can explain and answer questions as they go through the home. It’s also is a great way to familiarize with the structure as well as get tips on how to properly maintain the property once they have moved in. In case there any problems are found, buyers have an opportunity to find a solution to it so that it won’t be a problem later on. This can be a simple fix or a re-negotiating of the buying price.

A home inspection will give the buyer peace of mind and let them know that they are getting a good home all-around. It is also gives them knowledge of potential problem areas so that they can have their eye on it and be prepared should it manifest. On the other hand, if the buyer finds the problems too big, like severe structural damage, they have the choice of walking away from the transaction as long as they inform the seller within the timeframe.

Those who are looking to buy a new home should get an expert Coquitlam home inspector from companies like Firstclass Building Inspections. With their help, buyers can claim the home of their dreams without any reservations.



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A Home Inspection in Burnaby is Essential in the Home Buying Process

A Home Inspection in Burnaby is Essential in the Home Buying Process

A Home Inspection in Burnaby is Essential in the Home Buying Process

Purchasing a house is among the biggest investments anyone can make in life. Your home, however, is more than just a financial asset. It is also the place where you get much needed comfort, safety, and security. Before purchasing a home, therefore, you would want to make sure everything about it is in order. A home inspection by Burnaby professionals will help you know what you can expect from a property you’re eyeing to purchase, from all sides and corners. The last thing you would want is to find a problem after you’ve completed the deal, and it’s too late to ask the previous owner to do something about it.

A home inspection involves a detailed assessment of the house from top to bottom, including major mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical components, and the roof. The walls, ceilings, windows, doors, floors, and foundation are also inspected and checked for any current or potential issues.

Fundamental Issues

Among the most fundamental issues a home inspection professional looks for are poor structural design and water leakage. Problems in any or both of these can cost a lot of money to repair or rectify. If you learn about these only after you’ve settled in, the costs would fall on your shoulders. Things like this are what makes home inspections beneficial. Buyers may negotiate for a lower price if the inspection reveals such major problems, or they could ask the seller to get these fixed first before closing the sale.

Structural Design Problems

Structural design problems may happen if the architectural style and building materials don’t match up. This could indicate that improper modifications were done, or simply that the workmanship was substandard. Meanwhile, poor design can also result in water seeping into the walls and living spaces. If the homeowner is unaware of this, it can lead to water intrusion and structural damages down the road.

As the saying goes, “prevention before cure”, and home inspections are instrumental to identifying potential problem areas before they can get worse. Before purchasing the home of your dreams, therefore, make sure to get in touch with a home inspector in Burnaby, such as one from Firstclass Building Inspections, who can give you peace of mind that you’re putting your money in the right place.


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Coquitlam Home Inspection Service Helps Prevent Homebuyer’s Remorse

Coquitlam Home Inspection Service Helps Prevent Homebuyer’s Remorse

Coquitlam Home Inspection Service Helps Prevent Homebuyer’s Remorse

If you’re like most people, a home is the biggest investment you’re going to make in your lifetime. With all that money going into your home purchase, it’s important to be thorough at every step of the way. From saving enough money for the down payment to finally moving in, there’s so much to consider when buying a home, and that includes taking a closer look at a prospective property.

Although it is natural to get excited about the process, never let your emotions cloud your judgment. When assessing a property for sale in BC’s Lower Mainland, for instance, be sure to seek the services of unbiased home inspectors in Coquitlam. You might miss a critical detail about a property’s roof, foundation, HVAC system, electrical system, or plumbing system on your own, but a reputable inspector can ensure these aspects are properly assessed and detailed in an inspection report. Many homebuyers who have skipped this important phase later regretted their decision.

In the province of Ontario, a Realty Times article recently reported about homebuyer’s remorse. According to the article, the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) conducted a survey on the topic and discovered that 41 percent of homeowners and 45 percent of first-time buyers in Ontario admit they would have done something differently if given the chance to buy their homes all over again. One of the top buyer regrets was not having a home inspection performed.

These numbers are a telling reminder that knowing more about your purchase can lead to fewer long-term regrets. For this reason, you need to have a good grasp of the real estate transaction process. Be aware of your needs and wants, know how much you can afford, read and understand all contracts and documents before signing, and most of all, have the home inspected.

A home inspection is the best way for you to learn about every nook and cranny of the home, thereby helping you arrive at a well-informed and realistic decision. A reputable inspector from a trusted Coquitlam home inspection firm like Firstclass Building Inspections (FBI) Ltd. can guide you through the process and point out any issues that need to be addressed. This ensures that you not only avoid homebuyer’s remorse, but also know the steps toward becoming a satisfied homeowner when the time comes.




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The First Look: Some Areas of Interest for a Burnaby Home Inspection

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Why Potential Homebuyers Need Professional Coquitlam Home Inspection

Buying a house is probably one of the biggest investments you will make in a lifetime, making it an important decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration. Of course, before buying a property, it is recommended that a thorough inspection should be made by an expert. You might be thinking that you can do all the inspection yourself but an expert inspection can reveal much more than your eyes can see.

An Investopedia article by Amy Fontinelle cites the importance of acquiring professional home inspection services:

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Burnaby Home Inspection: What Sellers Have To Know About Disclosure

Extensive renovation bills due to mold infestation, foundation cracks, water-damaged basements not disclosed by a seller is a common problem homebuyers in Canada encounter. When this happens, buyers are likely to file suit to recover expenses.

One example of this case was reported in myRealtyTimes back in July, 2014. According to the report, a real estate agent was ordered by the Ohio Court of Appeals to pay the $216,337 jury award to her former client, because she was found to have deliberately concealed a house’s defect. As a result of her failure to disclose the defects that she was clearly aware of, the jury found her act of omission as constituting a breach of fiduciary duty.

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