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Steve Beliveau – Certified Home Inspector

FBI LTD – Firstclass Home Inspections

FBI LTD – Firstclass Home Inspections

Steve Beliveau has been a Certified Home Inspector, registered with the (CAHPI) in the Lower Mainland since 1992. As the 3rd registered home inspector in BC, he was the COO and Partner of Inspect International Home Inspections for 18 years and is now the sole proprietor of FBI Ltd – First Class Home Inspections


Prior to entering into the Home Inspection Industry due to a back injury, Steve worked in building construction, including home building, concrete installation (including Sky Train), land development, road building and home renovations. Steve’s diverse previous experience created an excellent base for him to expand into home, building and property inspections.


Steve graduated from university degree in English, a discipline that has served him well in both written and spoken communication involving all parties that he serves and associates with in his business. It is a definite asset to be able to deliver his message in a clear and concise matter that will be understood by any of his clients.Steve is also fluent in French.


Steve is a Certified Home Inspector in both the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI)and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Mr. Beliveau was awarded the 3rd CAHPI Certification in the Province of BC in 1993. He has served on the Executive of the provincial association. ASHI is the parent association that was formed in the US in the 1970’s and laid the foundation for the Canadian association.

Consumer Protection of BC

Consumer Protection BC provides information about home inspection licensing in BC to consumers and businesses.You can also find information about locating a licensed home inspector and seeking further information about home inspector qualifications in the Help For Consumers section of the Consumer Protection BC site here.

Common Household Defects and Deficiencies

Common Household Defects and Deficiencies


Household Defects and Deficiencies

After years of inspections and collecting data with other inspectors, clients and Realtors, we have accumulated a number of photos of atrocious household defects and deficiencies that we are going to share with you.

But we are not going to stop there, we want you to participate too.

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Do It Yourself Home Improvements
Here are a few Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements that are likely to raise an eyebrow or two on a building inspection report.

No danger here!
Click here to write your own.


Sellers Home Inspection Checklist

Sellers Home Inspection Checklist

inspection checklist,home inspection tips,sellers checklist

Free Property Sellers Home Inspection Checklist.

Put more money in your pocket when selling your home by staying ahead of the curve with our detailed checklist. There are many advantages for a home seller to obtain and implement a home inspection checklist when listing their home. It gives you the opportunity to be objective about your home and see it in a similar light as the prospective purchaser, home inspector and property appraiser.

  1. It gives you a reality check as to the current condition of your home.
  2. Corrections of the deficiencies found by using the checklist will increase the appeal of the property, streamline your sale, and simplify negotiations by giving an impression that your asking price is in line with the condition of your home.
  3. The buyer’s inspector will be looking at the similar items on their inspection, setting the stage for a favorable inspection report, providing the deficiencies have been corrected.

According to home inspection experts across the country, approximately half of the resale homes on the market today have at least one significant defect. Routine maintenance is the best preventative medicine against major costly problems from developing in the first place. If you’ve been delaying repairs, now is the time to catch up, as quick as you can!

Our Free Home Inspection Checklist can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Using this checklist as a guide to examine your home will enable you to see your house the way a prospective purchaser or a qualified home inspector might.

Download and Print Your Free Home Inspection Checklist here

Important Note:

Not everyone comfortably understands the components of their home and many sellers are now enlisting a “professional home inspector” prior to listing to identify the most important areas of concern and/or require repair.

In addition, since you are selling your home you are probably in the marketing to be purchasing a home. Finding a home inspector you trust throughout the process can be a valuable asset on both ends of your transactions.