Home Inspectors in Coquitlam, BC

Purchasing property is a large financial decision. As such, there is no room for regrets to creep in at any point after the transaction is finalised. Spare yourself the heartache and financial implications of buying problematic properties in Coquitlam. Let Firstclass Building Inspections handle all your home inspection needs so you can focus on getting a good deal on properties that have caught your eye.

FBI Ltd. is one of the most trusted home inspector services in Coquitlam and other locations throughout the Lower Mainland. Whether the property you are looking at is a newly constructed condominium unit or a twenty-year old home for rent, you can count on FBI Ltd. to do a detailed inspection.

Renowned for its ability to provide a respectful and prompt inspection, FTI Ltd. has achieved many awards and distinctions over the years. Some of the more prominent ones include the Bill Hopen Award (BC), the CAHPI National Honour Roll, and Gold Member Certification from ASHI.

Thorough Home Inspections and Reports

All inspections are conducted by Steve Beliveau, one of the most accomplished and respected home inspectors in British Columbia. With over 22 years as a home inspector and 15 years in the construction industry, Steve can identify issues that many other inspectors may have missed. From a home’s roofing and plumbing all the way to termite damage and faulty wiring, you can expect that any and all problems a property may be hiding from you will be located and reported.

Naturally, an inspection and the subsequent report is of no use if you cannot understand a single word on it. This is why all inspection reports prepared by FBI Ltd. are written in such a way that any problems found are easy to understand. In addition, Steve will list down repair suggestions. Similarly, the report will also indicate which problems should be given priority and which ones can be put off until a later time.

Make the Right Decision

A house inspection is a critical part of any real estate transaction. Make the smart decision and hire a respected home inspector to evaluate the property before you finalise your purchase. To learn more about the home inspection services of FBI Ltd. or to schedule an inspection for a home in Coquitlam, you may get in touch with the company by calling 604 258 8852, or sending a message to fbiltd@shaw.ca. You may also reach Steve by filling out the form on the Contact page.