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I perform a limited visual inspection to identify existing major problems on the principal components of the building. This is done by a qualified inspection specialist who can formulate a premium pre-purchase analysis.   Following the inspection, the clients will be fully made aware of the condition of all major components.   They will then be in a position to make an informed decision – instead of guessing what the property is like.


The inspection will take between 3 and 4 hours to inspect a standard house under 2000 square feet.   Larger homes normally take longer, but will be inspected with the same amount of scrutiny.   In fact, different homes of the same size may take different inspection times.   This is because I will not leave the property until I have checked every major thing that I would like to know if I was buying the home.   I also use specialized inspection tools to evaluate the property.   I will remove the electrical panel cover, search for moisture behind surfaces, probe decayed wood, check receptacle wiring, etc.


We recommend that you try to leave 3 to 4 business days to schedule a time which is convenient for everyone.   This is simply a suggestion, as I can often perform an inspection the very next day in some cases.   You should include a “subject to a professional inspection” clause when you submit your offer to purchase.   You may phone the inspector in advance of submitting the offer to check his availability.   Once the offer has been accepted, you would then contact the inspector again to find a suitable time in which you would be able to attend the inspection.   It is highly worth your time and effort to attend the whole inspection process personally.   That way you will see everything with your own eyes and be able to ask all the questions you want to learn more about the property.   I suggest that your attendance should be compulsory.    After finding a time which is suitable for both yourself and the inspector,  your realtor can contact the sellers.   They would confirm that appointment time, or make re-arrangements until the inspection can be performed.


-  Even though a property looks fine, that does not mean that it is.   It is very rare to inspect a property in which I find that there in nothing which MUST be corrected.   Many times there are problems which would not be normally be seen.    A house can be like a car, with new paint and finishings.   But there can be transmission, differential, or motor problems which are not obvious that could cost significant amounts of money, or even safety concerns.   I have personally inspected a home in which the specialist estimated repairs in excess of $100,000.00.   You cannot afford to purchase a property simply because it looks good.


Most people wishing to engage my services are in process of purchasing a property.   I cater to clients who are looking at houses, townhouses, condominiums, and rural properties alike,  and can educate buyers about all the properties.   I also perform several pre-listing inspections per year.   This way, the seller can learn from a third party about the real conditions.  You may the correct deficiencies or safety concerns which would make the home more difficult to sell.

Home Inspector Certification


Finding a Qualified Home Inspector

When looking to buy a home and want to have it inspected, it is crucial to be aware of the different home inspector certification standards:

– a home inspector that holds additional certifications (and displays them) shows you, the client that not only are they recognized experts in their niche fields but that they are sincerely dedicated in bringing you the highest level of expertise for your inspection. Additional home inspection certification also gives you peace of mind in knowing that he/she is current in the industry and contributes to its values and goals to provide the best possible information to the client.

Home Inspectors Association British Columbia

hiabc-logoHIABC is a self-regulating Association of professional home and property inspectors, representing all regions of British Columbia. We are committed to protecting consumers through our stringent membership requirements, mandatory ongoing training programs, and our detailed Scope of Inspection and Code of Ethics. HIABC has been instrumental in installing regulatory control of the home inspection industry through the Province of British Columbia for many years.

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Consumer Protection BC

ConsumerProtectionBC.200wConsumer Protection BC is responsible for licensing and administering BC’s Home Inspector regulations.

In response to requests from the industry and consumers over the last several years, as of March 31, 2009 the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation requires the licensing of all those individuals who assess the condition of a residential dwelling or property to have a licence to practice in British Columbia.

Home Inspectors that meet the requirements of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (BC)… more on Consumer Protection BC and Home Inspections