I have created a special Home Reporting System which you will receive immediately at the end of the inspection. We will review every page together, and discuss all the important items at that time. Emphasis will be placed on items which MUST BE CORRECTED. I only use 4 different symbols to make it very simple to understand and prioritize all the conditions found in a home. I also relate different timelines to address the items. Please read the DESCRIPTION OF CONDITIONS Page below.

These 4 different descriptions make it simple to prioritize the conditions found:
A – Working properly, though minor recommendations/upgrades are recommended and can be performed to improve conditions.
B – Correction is required – items are significantly deficient, unsafe, or not working
C – Old items are near the end of their normal designed life spans and may fail soon – budget for replacement
D – Conditions were found which are outside the scope of an inspection to CAHPI Standards. The integrity, corrective options, materials, and repair costs should be determined by a professional in that field before completing.

The report also uses a numerical notation system, which gives you helpful recommendations on what to do about the respective conditions found. Therefore, you do not have to remember most of what I said during the inspection process after you get home.

Below are some samples pages of the plumbing section in my report:


There is an option in our contract which allows you to decide who receives a copy of the Report. There are normally only 2 copies prepared – one for the client and one for the inspector. I take pride in preserving my Client’s confidentiality at all costs. The Report will never be disclosed to any third party without the express written consent of my Client. This way the Client has the option to control who may or may not view the information received about the property. The Client may, however, choose to release the Report to anyone they want at their discretion.