Sellers Home Inspection Checklist

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Sell your home for more!

Nothing drives down the asking price of your home like the cost of repairs. A few missing shingles or a leaking pipe can easily give a buyer more leverage during negotiations, forcing you to accept a lower price just to finalise the sale.

Naturally, you want to recoup as much as you possibly can whenever you sell your home. Doing so starts by looking at your home objectively. In other words, you need to see your home the same way a potential buyer does. One of the best ways to do this would be to use a Home Inspection Checklist.

Why Do You Need a Checklist?

As a seller, getting your hands on a Home Inspection Checklist can yield a number of benefits. These include:

  1. You can repair any major problems your home has before anyone else finds out. This helps keep your asking price more in line with the actual condition of your home. A reasonably priced house tends to draw more buyers and sell faster.
  2. This checklist gives you an idea of what a professional inspector will be looking for in your home. If you can anticipate and address any issues, you increase your odds of getting a favourable report, which can significantly speed up the sale process.
  3. A checklist will allow you to rank which repairs should be prioritised and which ones are negligible. Similarly, a checklist and a little extra research can help you rank which repairs will yield the highest ROI for your home.

Firstclass Building Inspections understands how important acquiring a Home Inspection Checklist is for sellers. In an act of goodwill, they are offering sellers a complimentary copy of the checklist. No ifs, no buts, and no strings attached:


Download and Print Your Free Home Inspection Checklist Today!

Having trouble interpreting the checklist on your own, or maybe you would prefer to have a professional home inspector do the job for you? Either way, FBI Ltd. is more than happy to help you out. For more information, please call 604 258 8852. You may also reach the company through the Contact page.