Selling Your Home? A Home Inspection is Your Ticket to a Quick Sale

You’re planning on selling your home, and you’ve already picked out a REALTOR® who can help you out, but are you sure that you’ve done everything you can to make your home desirable to prospective buyers? Sure, you’ve taken care of the unsightly things inside and outside your home, but you may have forgotten to take care of pressing issues that require your attention.

Selling Your Home A Home Inspection is Your Ticket to a Quick Sale

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a homebuyer: you wouldn’t want to buy a house with faulty plumbing or weak walls, right? In fact, you may even hire a professional home inspector to look for potential problems before deciding on whether to seal the deal or not. Potential buyers are thinking the exact same thing.

Save buyers an extra step by having a profession conduct a home inspection before selling your home. Not only does this reassure buyers that your home is a worthwhile investment, but it can also increase your chances of sealing the deal quicker.

Why Have Your Home Inspected Before Selling?

Having your home pre-inspected before selling is often recommended for many reasons. One, it gives you, as a seller, a heads-up on problems that a buyer may want to be repaired. This gives you ample time to have problems fixed before listing your home on the MLS. It is also a gesture of goodwill since you’re demonstrating honesty. Buyers always appreciate sellers who disclose problems upfront as it gives them peace of mind.

How to Prepare for an Inspection

You can make things easier for a professional inspector to do his job by removing any clutter in your home. Don’t forget to provide the inspector complete access to your home by unlocking all doors and gates, including entrances to the basement or the attic.

It also helps to compile every document you have regarding all maintenance and repairs you’ve already done on your home, which may include receipts on repairs and documents of your annual or semi-annual inspections. This helps an inspector check if the repairs were done properly.

Remember that a pre-inspection can your home more favourable to homebuyers, so have them done by licensed professional home inspectors like those from Firstclass Building Inspections. Serving home sellers (and even homebuyers) around Coquitlam and other parts of British Columbia, home inspectors assure you that your property will undergo a thorough inspection, and that you will be provided with a comprehensive report detailing issues that require your attention.


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