Steve Beliveau – FBI Ltd

A Home Inspection Industry Professional

Steve Beliveau, owner of Firstclass Building Inspections (FBI Ltd) is a truly an experienced and educated home inspection industry professional in British Columbia.After completing well over 5000 inspections, he is fully qualified to provide you with a systematic and analytical evaluation of a property. Below is a list of his achievements and experience related to making him the logical choice for your next home inspection.

ASSOCIATION EXPERIENCE – Home Inspection Industry

Mr. Beliveau has been fully employed and involved in the home inspection industry for over 18 years. He has in the past held many official positions in the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors.

They include:

  • Membership Committee Chairman
  • Winter Seminar
  • Education
  • Report Verification
  • Treasurer on the Executive Board
  • Nominated twice for President in Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (CAHI)


He was a co-owner and on the Executive of Inspect International Incorporation for 16 years. This company developed a superior Home Reporting System, and both sold and managed up to 8 franchise offices in the home inspection industry over that time. Since becoming independent at the end of 2009, he is now the sole proprietor and operator of Firstclass Building Inspections Limited.


Prior to becoming involved in home inspections Mr. Beliveau worked in the trades and construction fields for over 16 years. They included many areas such as home / building construction, home renovations, instituting suites, concrete installations, road building, land development, and maintaining rental property.

It was while working in the trades that he learned of the many improper practices and shortcuts which are not taught in schools. Knowing these are essential to the success of recognizing common and rare building practices in building construction.


  • B.A. – Bishop’s University (1970)
  • B.P.E. – University of New Brunswick (1972)
  • Inspection Training Associates Course (1992)
  • 8 Canadian National Educational Conferences
  • 5 American (ASHI) National Conferences
  • Local association Educational Seminars (17 years)
  • CMHC- Healthy Housing & Renovation Workshop
  • Quality First Home Heating Inspector certificate
  • RCABC Course – all different roofing types
  • Allied Engineering – Boiler assembly line production
  • BCIT- Exterior wall Systems Seminar
  • BCIT- Electrical Inspections Techniques Seminar
  • Kwantlen College – Residential Construction & Land Development

There are many other educational programs and seminars which he has attend over the last 18 years, but they are too numerous to list here.


Steve Beliveau has acquired extensive practical experience and training in all major aspects of Home Inspection and Construction. Most inspectors follow similar procedures.

People don’t hire him for just what he does.
Steve provides extra value to his clients because of what he KNOWS.