Dr. Leong W.

This is a testimonial letter for Firstclass Building Inspections LTD. My wife and I hired Steve Beliveau to do an inspection of the home we wanted to purchase. After the inspection was complete I was thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail and the knowledge and professionalism that Steve has. He explained everything in lay terms so that I could understand what was being examined and what he was looking for. He was patient and took his time to explain the details of the deficiencies and lack thereof. I have purchased homes in the past and have had inspections done before but I have not experienced such amazing service and dedication such as Steve. He told me that he inspects homes like it was going to be his home and he certainly lived up to that criteria and more.

Raymond Y.

As a doctor specialized in Cardiology in Taiwan prior to moving here, it is professional habit and instinct that we do our jobs with sharp observation, detail thoroughness, extreme caution and systematic analysis. I found the same attitude in you while performing house inspection, which I think, is a crucial and as essential as in making a correct diagnosis on the human body. Moreover, from the easy- to- understand, detailed explanation during and after the inspection, you did educate us on what to look into when we encounter house maintenance in the future. I really appreciate your service and friendliness.

Chad & Gail M.

We were recommended to phone Steve Beliveau to perform the necessary inspections on our behalf. We were certainly satisfied by his thoroughness and capability to inspect all aspects of our new home. At the end of the inspection, Steve provided a full binder of information about our new residence. It was important to the two of us to get quality service by honest people for a reasonable price. We believe we achieved all of the above, and would recommend the inspection services of Steve Beliveau at any time.

Jayne E.

I found you and your service professional, thorough and very informative. The written and verbal reports were detailed and supplied helpful information on how to correct all items requiring attention. The service is well worth the cost and I would certainly recommend you to others.

Peter F. & Mona S.

We were pleasantly surprised with the cost of the inspection – but were extremely impressed with the details of the inspection, the explanations of the results, your hints on how to correct the few defects and most importantly, on how to prevent further problems.

Ashif S.

I must say that I was totally impressed with their service. The inspector who came out (Steve) was very prompt, polite, professional and thorough. He answered all the questions I had thoroughly. He explained exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to do it and offered suggestions on ways to improve things around the property just to prevent problems in the future.

Joanne C.

Mr. Beliveau inspected two homes for me, the last being the home which I eventually purchased. On both occasions Mr. Beliveau was able to convenience both myself and the realtors with respect to the timing of the inspections. Also, given the degree of professionalism and thoroughness of the inspection, I found his rates to be quite reasonable.

Each inspection took approximately three hours and Mr. Beliveau examined the structure, heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, windows, flooring, roofing and exterior condition of the house in an educational, information and straight forward fashion. Never having owned a home before, much of jargon was new to me and yet on each occasion I felt that I had thoroughly understood the condition of the home.

Linda G.

We were able to set up appointment for in inspection with very short notice. Steve showed up at the appointed time and was very personable. He had no problem with me “tagging along“ and he explained the various conditions very thoroughly. We were very impressed with the professional binder that was ours to keep at the end of the 3 hours, detailed inspection.

All in all, it was a small price to pay for peace of mind – knowing we were about to put an offer on, was structurally sound and that there would be no surprises.

Al W.

We retained the services of Mr. Steve Beliveau to conduct the inspection. I was most impressed by the thoroughness of the inspection and with the care and attention to detail which Mr. Beliveau demonstrated during the process. Mr Beliveau explained to my complete satisfaction the basis for his assessment of the structural integrity of the building and the evidence that he found of sound construction practices which had been followed when the house was built some 11 years ago.

Patrece & Shane H.

As a professional, Steve, I enjoyed your honesty. I felt very comfortable before you began, due to your personality and reassurance that you were “here for the protection of the buyer“. As a new individual purchasing a home, I appreciated your personal and professional approach.

What was most comforting to Shane and I was the thoroughness, explanations of conditions and reporting methods completed throughout the entire unit and building. What we should really be saying is an enormous THANK YOU. Your professionalism is second to none.